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Storing Precious Metals

We recommend keeping all precious metals in your personal possession. We do not recommend storing in a bank safety deposit box. Several of our sources have suggested only 3 to 5 banks will remain once the financial meltdown occurs.

The FDIC is broken. Some analysts say eventually it will not exist, and therefore, your deposits are at risk. Metals stored in depositories also present the possibility of delays in retrieval. Some customers have waited months during a relatively calm time to get physical delivery of their precious metals. Storing metals outside the U.S. is not recommended since it could take even longer to retrieve the metals.

Take personal delivery of all precious gold and silver metals. We can include suggestions for storage places with your order confirmation. You can also be creative and search for other ideas via the web.

Strategies to Prepare

Eagle European Capital, LLC created a document for our clients with strategies to prepare for the future. This document provides suggestions for preparation for the economic crises, but also provides excellent steps of preparation for any type of disaster. Whether natural or man made disasters occur, we urge our clients to prepare ahead of time.

Sources for Preparation Info

Walton Feed
Shelf Reliance
Emergency Essentials
Heavens Harvest
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