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How to Purchase

Steps to Purchase

Congratulations on your decision to invest in precious metals. Getting started with Eagle European Capital, LLC is easy. Follow the steps below to purchase from this trustworthy source.

Step 1 – Call Us

Contact us by phone at one of the numbers below.
Office: 817-749-0080
Fax #: 940-455-7246 (for information data only)



Step 2 – Order Estimate

A precious metals representative will listen and provide suggestions for the proper mix of allocations and types that best suit individual investment needs. The representative will give a verbal or written email estimate. Please note that these estimates are based on current prices, which fluctuate daily. Therefore, all estimates may change between the current date and placing of the actual order. No order will be placed until good funds are received and the client is contacted to make the actual purchase. Your price includes insurance and delivery of product to your address of record.


Step 3 – Pay for Your Order

You initiate payment by wire transfer to Eagle European Capital, LLC per the emailed instructions from EEC. After receiving funds, a representative will contact the client to confirm final purchase selections and place the order at current rates. Remember, the actual purchase will likely differ from the estimate due to changes in pricing.

Step 4 – Actual Order Placement
A representative will contact you to finalize your order. During your conversation with the representative, you will finalize the sales order and at that time know the specific coins and bullion, quantity and prices included in your order. The representative will provide a sales order confirmation number for you during the conversation. You will also receive a sales order confirmation by e-mail or mail. Any payment excess will be returned to you via check within 1 to 2 weeks from your sales order confirmation.

Step 5 – Delivery

The representative arranges shipping of products by United States Postal Service (USPS) or through an overnight service. All shipments are insured and delivered to the address of record. Normal processing requires 2 (two) business days. Expect an e-mail sales confirmation within 2-3 business days. If a client does not have an email address, then we will send a written confirmation through USPS. Anticipate delivery of in-stock products within 2 to 3 weeks. If shortages or some other delay occurs, a representative will notify you and try to give you an estimated shipping time frame.

Eagle European Capital, LLC recommends that clients take personal possession of all precious metals. We are also happy to send information about how to store your precious metals with your order information.

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