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Gold & Silver Coins and Bullion

The options in purchasing physical precious metals are vast with numismatics, semi-numismatics, bullion coins and bars, proofs and commemoratives, etc. Buying gold and silver precious metals should be simple for the investor.

With this in mind, we have simplified the decision process by suggesting coin and bullion based on price, liquidity, and industry reporting rules. While we can sell more rare and beautiful coins to the coin collector, we suggest the following coin and bullion options for the serious metals investor. Remember you are purchasing and investing in an enduring form of money.

Gold American Eagle
1 Troy Oz

(also available in 0.5, 0.25, and 0.1 oz coins) Authorized by Congress in 1985 and first minted in 1986, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are minted according to the durable, 22-karat standard established for circulating gold coinage 350 years ago. Each coin contains its full, stated weight of pure gold, which by law, must be taken from newly mined sources in America. The balance consists of silver and copper, added to increase the coin’s durability.

Gold American Buffalo
1 Troy Oz

(also available in 0.5, 0.25, and 0.1 oz coins) The American Buffalo coin, also called the Gold Buffalo, contains 1 oz of 24-karat gold. The United States mint first offered the coin in June 2006 in response to demand for a 24-karat gold coin.The design consists of a modified version of the noted Buffalo nickel created by James Earle Fraser, first issued in early 1913. The obverse of the coin pictures a Native American profile, with the American buffalo or bison featured on the reverse. The American Gold Buffalo weighs 31.108 grams, with a diameter of 32.7 mm., a thickness of 2.95 mm. and reeded edges.

Gold Liberty Head - $20

(also available in $10, $5 and $2.50 Coins) The Gold Liberty Head Dollar produced from 1849 to 1889 was originally the smallest denomination of gold coin ever minted by the United States government. Liberty Head coins are available in sizes of $20, $10, $5 and $2.5. This coin like the Saint Gaudens’ is composed of 90% pure gold and 10% copper. The original Liberty Head gold dollars obverse depicts Liberty’s head encircled by thirteen stars. She faces to the left and wears a coronet bearing the word “Liberty.” The reverse shows a simple wreath circling the date and coin value and bears the inscription “United States of America.” These coins, minted before 1933, carry different ratings including BU, CU, AU, XF, VF, and LP. Again, we suggest purchasing the coins that are lower rated and sell at a small premium over spot.

Gold Saint Gaudens - $20

(also available in 0.5, 0.25, and 0.1 oz coins) The Saint Gaudens’ design, known as the Double Eagle, contains 90% gold (0.900 fine equal to 21.6 karat) and 10% copper alloy and each contain .9675 ounce of gold. The United States mint produced only two of the original coin in 1849 during the time of the California Gold Rush. Regular production began in 1850. Until that time, the largest gold coin denomination was $10. Thus the new coin with a $20 value received the Double Eagle name. The coin, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, contains the finest artwork on any American coin. Roosevelt believed putting the name of God on money inappropriate, so coins minted prior to 1908 omit the motto of “In God we Trust.” In 1908, Congress added the motto to the coin. The obverse design was reintroduced in 1986 American Gold Eagle bullion coins. These coins, minted before 1933, carry different ratings including BU, CU, AU, XF, VF, and LP. We suggest purchasing the coins that are lower rated and sell at small premiums over spot.

Gold British Sovereign
0.2354 Troy Oz.

(also available in 0.5, 0.25, and 0.1 oz coins) The first British Sovereign was minted under Tudor King Henry VII in 1489. The current design type with St. George slaying a dragon on the reverse and the monarch on the front was introduced nearly 200 years ago in 1816 under George III. The Sovereign was minted almost continuously from that date until 1932, when Britain went off the gold standard. Minting resumed in 1957, as a bullion coin, with Queen Elizabeth on the obverse. As such, it holds the distinction of being the only pre-1933 coin to carry over to the modern era. British Sovereign kings minted during the reigns of Edward VII and George V are probably the most widely owned and recognized gold coins in the world — so much so that the U.S. Army included them as part of its special forces survival pack for a number of years. Over 600 million of the St. George design Sovereigns were minted from 1816 to 1932.

Gold Swiss Franc
0.1867 Troy Oz.

(also available in 0.5, 0.25, and 0.1 oz coins) In 1942 the Swiss first struck a gold coin as legal tender internationally recognized. These coins were known as the Swiss Franc gold coin and were loved by collectors and gold investors around the globe. Today these coins are still produced on an annual basis and collectors want to get their hands on them simply for their beauty. At the same time, investors from around the globe love this small gold coin because it is easy for them to hoard away stockpiles of gold. Before the Swiss Franc gold coin was introduced, it was already being minted under the name of the Swiss Miss series, which was available from 1897 until 1935. Today, it is a piece of genuine legal tender in which every single coin contains no less than 0.1867 troy ounces of pure gold.

Gold French Franc
0.1867 Troy Oz.

French Roosters were first minted in France in 1901 and were produced until 1914 at the start of World War I. Each French Rooster contains 0.1867 troy ounces of fine gold. We particularly like French 20 Franc Roosters as private and non-reportable gold. Every gold coin in this release is guaranteed to be in Brilliant Uncirculated, mint condition. That means they are in excellent, pristine condition, with nice eye appeal and well preserved examples. The French Franc can also feature a bust portrait of Napoleon.

Silver American Eagle
1 Troy Oz.

Released in 1986, the American Eagle Silver coin is America’s only official investment-grade silver bullion coin. It is also the world’s only silver bullion coin whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the U. S. Government.

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
1 Troy Oz.

The Royal Canadian mint first created the official silver bullion coin of Canada in 1988. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf carries a face value of $5 Canadian dollars. Each coin includes the phrase “Fine Silver 1 oz. Argent Pure.” Each coin contains 1 troy oz with 99.99% purity. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse of the coin, while the reverse holds the image of a maple leaf. Both of the images change every year, so coins from different years vary in appearance

Silver Philharmonic
1 Troy Oz.

One side of the coin features, as on the Vienna Philharmonic pure gold coin, selected instruments of the world famous orchestra. The other side of the coin depicts the great organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna, site of the annual New Year’s Day Concert. The face value of ‘1.50 Euro gives the silver piece character, but is not relevant for the actual market value of the coin.

Monster Box

The Monster Box contains 500 1-ounce coins sealed from the government mint. Choose 1-ounce Silver American Eagle coins, 1-ounce Silver Philharmonics coins, or 1-ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. (See descriptions of individual coins above.)

Junk Silver Bags

Junk Silver refers to any silver coin in fair condition, which has no value above bullion value of the silver it contains. A misnomer because the term junk refers only to the lack of collectibles value and doesn’t indicate the condition of the coin or silver content value ranging from 35% to 90% pure silver
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