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December 2019

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Egon von Greyerz, founder of an asset management company based on wealth preservation principles states, “Since the Great Financial Crisis started in 2006, global debt has more than doubled from $125 trillion to $260 trillion.” Since 2006, $135 trillion in debt has been created by printing fake money which is 2x our annual global GDP at zero cost and without goods or services produced.

Greyerz proclaims, “The market could top at any time between the second half of December and first half of January.” He states that this market correction would include all global stock markets which will cause precious metal prices to rise dramatically. The current gold/silver market price ratio of 87:1 will drop down closer to the 2011 ratio of 30:1. The translation:  silver will increase in price three time faster than gold. 

Greyerz states, “So 2020 seems to be the very early beginnings of the worst global depression that the world has ever experienced. It will be devastating for everybody. We can all prepare financially by holding some physical gold and silver which is the best insurance anyone can buy against what is coming.”

We at Eagle European Capital, LLC. (EEC) agree with Greyerz that the best insurance against depression or recession is personally holding physical gold and silver.

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