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Advantages of Precious Metals in an IRA

No Taxes or Penalties: One of the biggest benefits of purchasing precious metals in a Self-Directed IRA or Roth IRA comes from the ability to transfer your retirement account into the IRA and not incur taxes or penalties. Upon retirement, often you may elect to rollover your retirement plan into an IRA. Contact your plan administrator for more information on your retirement plan and whether this option is available.

Diversification: Through an IRA, you can own physical precious metals in your IRA and therefore diversify your investment portfolio. A diversified portfolio which includes precious metals is a good way to reduce risk to shield against value erosion. Precious metals are a buffer against financial instability, inflation and hyperinflation. Precious metals have a low correlation to the stock and bond market. They are a place of diversification during unpredictable times and events.

Flexibility: You can keep your physical precious metals or cash out of your precious metals holdings when you desire. You have the flexibility to sell when you want.

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