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Eagle European Capital, LLC

Eagle European Capital, LLC (EEC) began from the need for a reliable and trustworthy source of gold and silver purchases for financial planning clients. “Eagle” was adopted because the bald eagle is the emblem of the United States of America, chosen because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks. A well accepted symbol of strength and freedom.

American Eagle gold and silver coins, as well the European fractional coins, met a requirement for coins and bullion that are not reportable and yet easily recognizable. While the company offers most any coin or bullion available on the market today, we specialize in American Eagles and European coins and bullion. The company name represents this choice of specialization in precious metals we suggest as the best investment for clients. Eagles soar on the wind with little effort or stress. At EEC, our goal is to provide similar experience for our clients, one of little effort or stress.

Several years ago, as quantitative easement occurred, we agreed with many analysts concerning the coming demise of the economy, based on historical evidence. Seeking alternatives to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and bank deposits to secure and grow investments and assets, we now recommend precious metals as a way to preserve and increase the wealth of our clients.

Another reason for starting EEC is that, unfortunately, many sources selling precious metals provide unreliable and inaccurate information and have been know to guide buyers into the higher commissioned numismatics under the guise of “confiscation prevention”. You can find detailed information on this topic on this site.

Eagle European Capital, LLC formed out of a need for a better alternative. We offer a source for precious metals investors can trust. In addition, the company focuses on education about not only precious metals, but changes in the economy, and strategies to help you prepare for your future as well. EEC takes pride in offering information to help clients thrive in the upcoming turbulent times.

While EEC does not offer tax accounting advice, we do understand the IRS Requirements pertaining to the reporting of the purchasing and selling of precious metals.

Jill Taylor Gordon, CEO

Jill Taylor Gordon is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eagle European Capital, LLC. Jill holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from The University of Texas at Arlington. She is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). She is an expert in using precious metals to create and protect wealth. She has owned and operated a variety of successful businesses in the financial and other industries for more than 30 years. She founded Eagle European Capital, LLC with a vision to help people accumulate and protect their wealth through acquiring precious metals and through education.

Her background includes more than 20 years in the Securities and Financial Planning industry. She specializes in retirement planning and strategies to prepare for the turbulent economic times ahead. In agreement with many financial analysts, Jill recommends diversifying one’s portfolio into precious metals to protect and preserve her client’s wealth. Her advanced education, premier financial training and passion for educating people serve her well in the role of CEO for Eagle European Capital, LLC. Jill lives with her family in Texas.

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