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Eagle European Capital, LLC (EEC) began in answer to the need for a trustworthy source to purchase gold and silver coin and bullion products at competitive prices. Further, we desire to prepare people for the global economic crisis by providing helpful information. Purchasing gold and silver metals is one important facet of preparation for the future. For additional suggestions, see Strategies to Prepare under the Resources tab.

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Why Gold & Silver?

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For decades, financial advisors have advocated an allocation of one’s portfolio into precious metals. Today the reasons are more compelling. Physical precious metals should be a core holding of any portfolio. While the percentage varies from person to person, these holdings provide a place to store wealth away from the government and from crumbling financial systems. Gold and silver represent money from Biblical times to present day. In 1912, J.P. Morgan stated, “Gold is money and nothing else.” This comment came one year before the U.S. Federal Reserve was established.

Gold & Silver as Money

So what is money? One definition is a payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. Many businesses within the U.S. and around the world accept the U.S. dollar for payment. The U.S. dollar is also the world’s reserve currency.

However, another definition is a store of value which can be accumulated and used later. But what gives money its value?

Truly this answer depends on the public trust and reliance in the government. Society must be willing to accept a fiat currency (one backed by the government guarantees and not a commodity like gold) in exchange for goods and services.

One must believe the government will keep the value of the currency by limiting supply. But what happens when the government prints excessive currency such as in Quantitative Easing 1 and 2 (QE1 and QE2)? QE1 (printing of dollars) temporarily saved the financial systems and QE2 saved the government debt structure.

All indications suggest a continuation of the quantitative easing practice. To do otherwise would collapse the financial systems in the U.S and affect the world’s financial markets. The cycle of printing more fiat currency simply delays and deepens the resulting consequences.

Historically, fiat currencies fail. Throughout time, creating money out of thin air ultimately collapses. It always has and always will. Continued printing of currency produces a corrupt system. One cannot print money out of nothing without consequences. Fiat currency, in reality, represents debt. Every time the government prints a fiat dollar bill, it devalues existing dollars. It causes inflation and ultimately hyperinflation. The vicious circle finally ends in the demise of the fiat currency system. As the government overproduces fiat currency, it becomes worth less and less.

Ultimately, gold and silver provide a store of value. Gold and silver are emerging as money once again.

Gold & Silver as Insurance

We believe owning physical gold and silver coins and bullion exemplifies the best strategy, acting as an insurance policy in today’s perilous world. This investment offers financial privacy and reduces risk. Physical metals are not subject to a bank, a stock exchange or a court of law. Your metals have intrinsic value.

Precious Metals in Your IRA

We believe owning physical gold and silver coins aYou can rollover or transfer funds from an IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b) and other retirement accounts, without incurring taxes or penalties, into a Self-Directed IRA and purchase physical precious metals. Normally an IRA custodian will require you to hold your physical metals in a depository or safety deposit box. In the right kind of Self-Directed IRA along with the right LLC, individuals can personally hold specific gold and silver coins. Not only do you need the right kind of IRA and LLC, you need the right gold and silver coins and the trustee which allows you to control, manage and hold your coins. We work with several IRA custodians that provide the reporting while you have direct control over your Self-Directed IRA.nd bullion exemplifies the best strategy, acting as an insurance policy in today’s perilous world. This investment offers financial privacy and reduces risk. Physical metals are not subject to a bank, a stock exchange or a court of law. Your metals have intrinsic value.

Why Eagle European Capital, LLC ?

As a financial planner, Jill recommends that her clients purchase physical gold and silver metals. Sadly, she found they sometimes overpaid as well as purchased unsuitable coins and bullion for their needs. With over 20 years in financial planning background, Jill spent years of research regarding precious metals. However not all gold and silver coins and bullion sold are reported to the IRS or taxed the same. Did you know that if you sell certain coins and bars over certain weights in one year you are subject to 1099-B reporting to the IRS? Isn’t this information important? However, many sources of precious metals do not provide adequate information for investors. Please be aware that 1099-B reporting is a separate issue from taxes owed. We refer to the Bullion Reporting Rules Industry Council for Tangible Assets by the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) concerning a 1099-B reporting. Why buy precious metals that, when sold, require a 1099-B report sent directly to the IRS? While we strongly advise paying taxes owed, this is a separate issue. Instead, we suggest that one benefit of owning these metals includes independence of government intrusion. Please be advised, record keeping of both the purchase and sell of precious metals becomes critical to determine tax consequences. We do not act as tax advisors. As with any investment, seek professional tax advice. For additional information about Eagle European Capital, LLC, please visit the About Us tab.


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Mission Statement

Eagle European Capital, LLC endeavors to offer clients precious metal bullion and coins at fair and competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of integrity. Our goal is to provide a trustworthy source for the purchase of precious metals.


Most paper currencies in the world are fiat currencies, meaning without the backing of any objective standard such as the gold standard. The printing of such currency debases the value of the currency over time. With the current financial uncertainty due to the lack of our government’s monetary accountability and responsibility, we conclude that everyone should have an allocation in gold and silver coins and bullion. We believe that gold and silver coins and bullion are the most honest form of money and a place of stored value.


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines numismatics as the study or collection of coins, tokens and paper money and sometimes, related objects (as medals). In the industry, numismatics are coins that have a value over their precious metals content with factors such as scarcity, demand, grade and condition. Examples of numismatic coins are Saint- Gaudens, Liberty and proof coins. Semi-numismatic coins contain some value over their precious metals content in their demand. Some examples of semi-numismatics are the British Sovereign and Swiss Franc, which also represent legal tender in the countries where they were made. Bullion may come in coin or bar form with its value based upon the precious metal content and cost of fabrication. The mark-up on bullion coins and bars is generally the lowest.

Purchasing Gold & Silver

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Eagle European Capital, LLC recommends that clients take personal possession of all precious metals. We are also happy to send information about how to store your precious metals with your order information.
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